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Make lists, keep records or create tables easily with Lio. Work with your team and manage your business.

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Wondering why you should choose LIO?

Wondering why you
should choose Lio?​


One stop solution for your data

Organize all your data in one place and get access to the information on your phone at your convenience in a few taps. This app can be used by you to track your incomes & expenditure, make lists of all kinds and a lot more.


Select from existing templates for various categories created by users like you in the community or create a new document the way you want.

Share and collaborate

Work with your team in real time by easily creating documents together and sharing the same with other users on Whatsapp, Gmail and other social apps.


Mobile first & Mobile integrated

Use the app on your smartphone as it has been designed specifically for mobile users without the need of a laptop or a computer. The app integrates with communication applications on your phone for enhanced user experience.


Available in your own Language

Choose the regional language you are most comfortable with to complete everyday tasks.

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Our Users loves Us

सी.ए बनने से पहले और कुछ समय बाद तक भी मेरे लिए बहुत आसान था गिने-चुने लोग और उनके हिसाब करना मगर अब जब मेरे क्लाइंट्स बढ़ गए हैं तो मुझे चाहिए था कि मैं अपना सारा हिसाब एक जगह रखूँ और अपने क्लाइंट्स को जी. एस. टी और उनके हिसाब को आसानी से उन्हें […]

पूनम जैन

Very simple app, quick and easy. I use it for rate Quotation for my customers, it’s easy to share on whatsapp. 100% satisfied.

Saurav Singhania

Almost all functions are available I would call it most Important app for businessman they could be anyone even most useful for small businessman. Even for personal use. Best app for time management, sales Management, work delegation…. If I write all the utility this space will not be enough and most Important quick and easy […]

Manish Trivedi

Really very simple and interactive for daily maintaining the customer records with notes. Would definitely recommend for small business and other concern fields.

Prakash Mehta

Very nice app…Fully Customizable. Nice option for people who forget things and want to be systematic.. The new updates gives a fully new interface which is very interactive. The Customer support team listens to the concern and provide quick reply too.

Biswajit Mohanty

Best app ever i have downloaded after Whatsapp. It is very useful and user-friendly. Covers almost all the needs of day to day life of common individual.

Satyajit Wandhekar

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