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From helping you manage expenses and incomes, a guest list, the food menu, to tons of other small tasks, Lio ensures you have ample time to enjoy your wedding.

Who is Lio For?

Whether you are a wedding planner, planning your own wedding, or a friend’s wedding, and you need a helping hand with the management, Lio is for you.
Wondering how Lio eases the painstaking task of planning big fat Indian weddings? Well, let’s take a look at the features that make a difference.

Bye Bye Notebooks and Sheets

You no longer have to scribble details about vendors, expenses, cash transactions, etc., in notebooks or multiple sheets and docs. With Lio, you get a centralized space for all important information that you can access anywhere, even without the internet.

Share Details In Seconds

Stop running around for vendor details, guest lists, or noting down expenses as Lio makes sharing sheets easy. Send as PDF or Excel sheet on WhatsApp or add family members/friends using their phone number or email.

Saves You Time and Effort

Not only can you delegate tasks, but the To-Do List Register ensures you remain on track with all the important stuff saving you time and effort for what really matters, you and your big day.

Other Lio Features You'll Love

Start in 15 Seconds

Enter your mobile number or email ID, verify the account using the OTP and voila, you can access all the wedding registers on Lio.

Never Lose Your Data

Lost your phone in the hustle of a marriage? No problem. Just log in using any phone with the same email or phone number and all your data will be available instantly.

Free And User-Friendly

While similar programs may charge you to use premium features, everything on Lio is free. Plus, it's available in 10+ languages, making it easy for anyone to use, breaking the language barrier.

I was dreading the preparations before the marriage and Lio turned out to be a lifesaver. I was able to track each expense to the tee which ensured we don't cross it. Plus, with the to-do list, everything was on track.
Namita Patel

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