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Traveling should be fun and easy, right? That’s exactly what Lio wants to ensure. So if you are planning your dream vacation, then here’s why using Lio will be a game-changer.

Who is Lio For?

Are you a travel blogger or vlogger? Or just someone who wants to have their exotic vacation in Greece or Madagascar. 
Lio is for all kinds of travelers, the professional and the hobbyists. The app’s goal is to help you create, manage, and organize your travel itineraries and documents in one place.
This ensures you are never scrambling for info or documents at the last moment.
Travel Itinerary

Never Lose Your Way!

Creating an itinerary is the first step to the perfect travel plan. The Itinerary template on Lio comes with important headers like Date, Source, Destination, Mode of Travel, Flight Number, Stay, Things to do, etc. you can get started with the important stuff right away.

Petrol/Expense Registers

Have Complete Track of Expenses

It’s easy to lose track of your expenses when traveling, only to end up with empty pockets by the end of it. Not anymore, though. There are registers to track it all like a hawk, from money spent on petrol on various vehicles to lunches, dinners, snacks, and travel expenses.

Travel Documents

Have All Your Documents In One Place

Have you ever had to stand at any counter while you hurriedly scroll through all the documents on the phone? We have all been there, and this is why we created the Travel Documents Register that allows you to put images of tickets, bookings, etc., in one place for easy access.

Start In Less Than 30 Seconds

All you need to get started with Lio is to verify your email or phone number, and you'll have access to all travel-related registers and more instantly. And guess what, it is all free.

Available in 10+ Languages

Use Lio in any language you prefer since it is available in 10+ languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. We want to break past language barriers so anyone can use the app.

Share Your Itinerary

Share your itinerary with your family members in seconds using their email or phone number on WhatsApp as a PDF or Excel Sheet. Keeping them updated on your travel plans just got easier.

What Other Travelers Say About Lio

I make itineraries for both personal and a travel company I work for. With Lio, doing this has become really easy and fast. Thanks to their templates, I just have to enter the details and can easily share them with clients over WhatsApp.
Rachita Saxena
Managing expenses during travels is the hardest part for me, especially since noting them on Notes and calculating it all takes too much time and effort. Lio does all calculations for me and the expense registers and is pretty detailed. So if you are traveling and are worried about overspending, this is a must-use.
Radhika Sharma
I love how the travel documents register allows you to save images of your important documents like the Aadhaar card, PAN card, tickets, hotel bookings, etc. It makes it super easy to access them anytime I want. I also love the itinerary register and how everything related to my travel is in one place.
Anuradha Goyal
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