Lio For Textile Businesses

Managing Your Textile Business Was Never This Easy

Create invoices, make delivery challans, track purchases, returns, sales, and save all your customer info in one single app.  Say goodbye to notebooks, registers and 100s of excel sheets. Now, save time, increase productivity, and boost sales with Lio.

Customers & Sales

CRM And Sales Tracking Made Easy

Rather than digging through old messages, paper invoices, register, copies and hundreds of different excel sheets, you can now have all your customer details and sales history stored in one place. 

Stock & Purchases

Easily Track Stock, Purchases, Returns, etc.

You want to ensure you never run out of stock and Lio helps with just that. You can also set reminders for when you think you might run low on stock. Similarly, it is also easier to track purchases and purchases returns now.

Hassle-Free Management

A-Z Management Solution

From allowing you to share documents with your team in seconds, helping you maintain a list of agents, transporters, to making invoicing, tracking purchases, and getting reports easy, Lio is the all-in-one solution for any textile business.

And There's More

Other Lio benefits

Automatic Backups

All your invoices, customer info, etc. is automatically backed up onto your servers. So, even if you lose your phone or it breaks down, your precious data is never lost.


Lio is available in 10+ languages. This includes, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, etc. allowing you to use manage your textile business in your native language

It's Free

You won’t need pay a rupee to you any feature on Lio. It is all free. Download Lio from the Google Play Store or App Store, use or number to sign in and you are good to go.

Our happy Users

We’ve helped Many Textile Businesses

Here’s what our users in the textile industry have to say about Lio


Harsh Textile, Bengaluru


“One of the biggest benefits of Lio is that it saves me so much time. The templates make it easy to enter all your data. Plus, all sheets are fully customizable and can be shared in seconds with anyone via WhatsApp.”


B L Traders & Sons , Delhi


“One of the best things about using Lio is that it allows us to not just manage invoicing, GST, etc. but also other business aspects like employee timing and so on. We’ve been using it for the last 6 months and really happy with it.


AlvinKelly Clothing Store


“Great app that’s perfect for both new and big textile businesses. I have never used apps like this one before and now I can never go back. Lio makes everything so easy. I am no longer spending all my time noting, calculating, maintaining books. 

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You ask, we answer

All your questions about Lio answered.

You can easily download Lio from the Google Play Store or the App Store if you use an iPhone. There’s also a web version available for desktop users that you can access at

Lio Teams makes it ultra-easy to share documents with your team members. Works like WhatsApp group so you do not have to share things with everyone individually.

Lio is free to use. Just create your account or log in to an account using your phone number or email. Select Textile from the list of templates and voila, you are good to go.  You’ll find templates for invoicing, GST, purchases, agents, delivery challan, and so on.

If you have any questions about Lio and want instant help, you can reach out to our support team at +91-9619601744. You can also write to us using our contact page or our email

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