Lio For Taxi & Transport

The All-In-One Management App For Cab Drivers

Want to track the hours you are working, the km you are driving to along with petrol and other expenses? Lio is the one-stop solution for all your data management to ensure a smooth ride each day.

Who Can Use Lio?

Lio isn’t designed for just cab drivers but pretty much anyone in the transport business. You could be a cab owner who has hired drivers, a taxi stand owner, a bus company owner, or even an auto-rickshaw driver.

As long as you need something for CRM and tracking your expenses, incomes, trips, etc., Lio is for you. And below, we discuss the features that matter the most.

Track Expenses And Incomes With Ease

The most important thing for any business to survive is profit. And for that, tracking your expenses and income is a must. Lio makes this hassle-free with its multiple registers that automatically do all calculations for you saving you a lot of time in the process.

Record Every Trip and Vehicle Detail

If you own multiple cabs or buses, you want to track the distance traveled, the income earned for the ride, right? Well, the Trip Register is meant for just that. Further, to ensure your cars don’t break down, there’s a maintenance calendar as well (because unexpected downtime is never good for business).

CRM Made Easy

If you want to reach out to existing customers for reviews, promotions, discounts, etc., the Customer Detail Register makes that easy as you have data like Name, Email, Phone numbers, etc. of all your customers in one place without spending big on POS systems.

Start your trips with Lio!

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