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The Only Notebook You'll Ever Need!

From helping you track homework deadlines, managing pocket money to taking notes on important topics, Lio is the all-in-one app to help students get their Life in Order and make studying from home easy.

Lio Is For All Kinds of Students

It does not matter whether you are in school, college, attending online courses, or need a helping with your daily coaching. 
Lio students features make daily tasks like tracking homework, taking/sharing notes and topics easy, so you have time for other important things.

Taking Notes Made Easier

Ever had a register with all your important notes missing? Or are you tired of scribbling notes in a hurry only to not understand a word later? Lio’s Topic register makes it easy peasy. You enter the topic, books containing it and take down important notes for future reference.

Never Lose Track Of Homework

Have you ever received that phone call from a classmate late in the evening where he reminds you that you still need to work on a pending project or homework? Well, with Lio’s homework tracker, you will never lose track of homework again.

Share Notes & Homework in Second

Did your friend miss school or college today? Save the day for them and share all the homework and topics covered in seconds. How? You can either add them to the file using their email and phone number or share directly via WhatsApp (no more running around for photocopies anymore).

Other Benefits You Should Know Aout

Start in Less than 30 Seconds

Getting started with Lio takes less than 30 seconds. Just enter your phone number or Gmail, verify it, and voila, you are good to go.

Never Lose Your Data

Lio saves all your data on secure cloud servers. So if you lose your mobile, you simply need to log in to Lio on your new smartphone and you’ll have all the data there.

Available in 10+ Language

From Hindi, English, to even Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. Lio is available in 10+ languages so you can manage your homework and notes in your native language.

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Student Testimonials

Ankur Jain

Thanks to Lio, I am not noting homework in multiple diaries or marking calendars for deadlines. I have a single space where all my notes and homework are safely stored.

Rajat Sharma

I hadn’t attended college for a month due to covid and was worried about how I’d take notes and assignments from my best friend. He used Lio and shared it all in seconds with me using my email. I never knew it was this simple. I use Lio too now, and it saves a lot of time and effort.

Rajitha Dey

Living in a hostel, tracking expenses is difficult but essential considering you don’t have much pocket money. Lio makes it easy with its expense register as I am too lazy to note down stuff in diaries. Plus, it makes taking notes, noting essential topics, and tracking assignments very easy.


Most frequent questions and answers

Lio is free for everyone. Just use your email or your phone number to register. Verify your email or number with the OTP, and there, all our registers are available to you without paying a rupee.

To change language, click on the Profile option in the menu at the bottom when you open the app. You’ll see the Change Language option. Hit the language you want, and you are good to go.

Just enter the date, the item you spent on, amount, payment mode, etc., and the app will automatically do the calculations for you. You can also add and remove rows/columns if needed.

To add a column, just side scroll to the end. There you’ll see a + sign. Press on it, and a new column will be added. You can rename it to suit your needs.

To remove a column, the header like Date will see the Delete Column option.

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