Lio for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping and CRM MADE EASY.

From tracking udhaars, income, expenses to GST, orders, customer details, addresses, and even a time tracker for employee management, Lio is the all-in-one solution to help take your business to the next level.

Who Is It For?

Are you a carpenter, gym owner, or automobile store owner? Maybe you have a salon or run a small food truck.
Lio comes with registers tailor-made for small businesses that help maintain the daily bookkeeping and CRM hassle-free so you can focus on scaling your business.
More about the app is below.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

When you no longer waste time on accounting and managing customer details, you’ll have plenty of time to take up more orders and scale your business to newer heights.

Bye Bye Notebooks

No More Paperwork

Lio gives you a centralized space to store/manage customer details, address, order history, so you no longer depend on notebooks and registers that can easily get damaged.

Share Files in Seconds

Sharing Made Easy

Whether you want to share pending udhaars or invoices with customers or customer details with your team, you can do it in seconds using either the email or phone number. You can also share the file on WhatsApp.

Takes 30 Seconds to Start

To start using Lio's features all you have to do is verify your email or phone number and you are good to go.

Never Lose Your Data

Lio stores all your data on cloud servers and ensures your information is there with you forever, even if your smartphone breaks down.

10+ Languages Available

Lio helps break down language barriers as it is available in 10+ languages that include Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Bangla, etc.

One-Stop App For Small Businesses

Here’s a Glimpse of All the Registers You Can Find For Small Businesses

Cash Register
Expense Register
Order Book Register
Payments Received
PL Register
Udhaar Register
Time Tracker

What Business Owners Say About Lio

Richa Khurrana

Thanks to Lio, managing my home bakery has become a breeze. I no longer juggle between 5-6 notebooks or excel files. I have all udhaar, expenses, income, customer details, etc. in one place. 

Abhishek Sharma

I run a small salon in Delhi and managing books, doing calculations, etc used to take up all my day. Now that I am using Lio, I finally have to walk around, inspect the salon, meet the clients, and so on. Lio has definitely helped me put my Life in order.

Gaurav Nagpal

I have a furniture shop in Mumbai and considering I am not good with accounts and couldn’t hire help, it was pretty difficult. The best part about Lio was that I could use it in Hindi and it did all the calculations for me making this process super easy.

Commonly Questions About Lio Answered Below

Ask Us Anything

Nothing. All registers on the Lio App are available for free. Just enter your details, verify it and start organizing.

On the sheet you want to share, click on the share icon in the top menu. There you’ll see the option to Share as PDF. Select all columns you want to share and then select the contact you want to send it to.

Calculation on Lio are effortless. Just enter the amounts in the respective registers and the app will do all the calculations for you. 

To add a row click on the + sign at the end of the rows (right below the last number). 

To remove a row, select the row number you want to remove and hit delete. 

Download Lio today to organize,
manage & grow your business.