Lio For Property Brokers

The All-in-One Real Estate Management Solution

From easy tracking and sharing a list of available flats, tenant details, due rents, to even udhaars, expenses, incomes, etc., Lio is the one-stop app for it all. It will take the pain out of managing your business and improve scalability.

Who is Lio For?

Are you a property broker that helps people with renting and flat purchases?

Or do you only deal with commercial spaces like office spaces, shops in malls, etc.?

Either way, Lio is for you. The multiple registers aim at making data and financial management a breeze.

Wondering how? We’ll take a detailed look at how Lio benefits property brokers below.

Centralized Access To Properties

And do you really want to spend all your time searching for documents and sheets of the available flats while your potential clients wait? Now, have them all in one place and easily share with clients over WhatsApp in just a couple of clicks.

Easily Track Tenents and Rent due

Do you own flats and rely on rent for monthly income? Track due rent and the date and other relevant info about the tenants and ensure timely payments while sharing timely reminders with tenants and rent paid/due details to eliminate confusion.

Always Know Your expenses, income, udhaars

As a broker, cash deals and udhaars are your everyday thing. Well, we want to make sure you never lose track of them, and every rupee in your business is accounted for with these registers. They automatically do the calculations, saving you plenty of time and effort.

More Reasons to Use Lio

Quick Start

It takes less than 30 seconds to get started with Lio. Download it, verify your email or phone number and get access to all templates tailor-made for property brokers.

Safe and Secure

Your data is stored on cloud servers. This means you can access the data from any android smartphone after verifying your account.

Use in 7+ languages

Not comfortable with English? No problem. Lio is available in 10+ languages that include Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc., for your convenience.

Make Your Life Easier With Lio

Flat Available
Broker Rent Register
Broker Income
Cash Register

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Lio is free for everyone. You can download it from the PlayStore using any of the links on this page. Verify the email and use any templates you feel are helpful for your business.

Select the column you want to edit. Click on the Pen icon you see in the edit menu over the sheet. You’ll see all the edit options like change column width, alignment, background color, etc.

Yes, you can. Press the drop-down icon in the header section of each column. You’ll find the Set Formula option there. Select the columns and the formula, and you are good to go.

Click on the Share icon in the top menu. You can choose to share either a PDF or Excel file. Either add clients using their email or phone number or share sheets over WhatsApp.

What Other Real Estate Agents Say About Lio

Udhaars are common in this business and so are cash transactions involving big numbers. Thanks to Lio, we do not have to write these down in notebooks that are prone to damage. And Lio does all complicated calculations for us saving the team a ton of time.
Propzone Consultants
Rather than juggling between hundreds of different docs and sheets, Lio gives me access to all available properties in one place making it super easy to share it with clients. Plus, I can easily track my income and expenses.
Ankit Choudhary
I also own multiple properties and thanks to Lio, tracking the incoming rent is so easy. That's because the register allows me to set due dates and have tenant details in one place to send them reminders easily.
Rakesh Pratap
I love the Available Flat feature. Store all the available flats in one single file along with links to videos/images, details like the number of bedrooms, society name, etc., and share with clients to fasten the process of renting or buying.
Roopam Estate Agency

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