Lio For Medical Clinics

The All in One CRM And Bookkeeping App

Lio aims to give medical clinics a centralized space to save all sensitive accounting data and customer info with multiple pre-built registers. Hence, it becomes easy to access data and is never lost. Proud to say, we keep your data as safe.

Who Is Lio For?

Are you running a multispeciality clinic with hundreds of different patients coming to you every day? Or an individual doctor running a clinic?
Either way, Lio helps you organize and manage clinics better with its various registers that give a centralized space for all your data. Learn how.

Bye-Bye Notebooks and Register

Lesser Paperwork

Are you noting down appointments, customer phone numbers, names, etc., in a notebook or registers? Well, what if you spill something on it, lose it, or it tears off?

Don’t drown your clinic in a sea of paperwork. With Lio, you have complete control over your data, and since it is saved on cloud servers, you can restore it anytime, anywhere.

Managing A Clinic Just Got Easier

CRM and Employee Tracking Made Easy

With a dedicated register for patient details, you never have to go through 10 different registers to find their information to reach out to them regarding follow-up appointments, etc.

There’s also a Time Tracker Register that lets you or the managers mark each employee’s shift timings so that you have healthy work hours.

Never Lose Track of Money

Hassle-free Income/Expense Tracking

Whether you owe money or have lent money, we ensure you never lose track of a rupee; how?
Well, there are registers for cash, udhaars, expense, and patient fees that make the job hassle-free saving you both time and money.

The best care Is on your side as well.

Get Started in a Jiffy

Enter your email/phone number, verify it, and voila, you can start creating your registers in less than 30-seconds.

Automatic Calculations

From udhaars, expense, to fee, all you have to do is enter the amounts, and Lio does all the calculations to ensure you aren't spending hours calculating for the same.

Share Files Instantly

Assign work to your employees or let customers know of due payments by sharing sheets with them using their email or phone number.

10+ Languages

To make the app easy to use for all, Lio is available in 10+ languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bangla, Urdu, etc.

Take a peek

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Patient Fees Register for Clinics
Time Tracks for Clinics
Cash Register for Clinics
Expense Register for Clinics
Udhaar Register for Clinics

What Other Clinics Say About Lio

From sharing customer info with the staff members, tracking the working hours of employees, and income/expense management, Lio makes everything hassle-free. And considering it's just 3 of us running this clinic, Lio is a huge plus.
Karuna Medical Centre
Lio made tracking expenses and income from various sources really easy. Our shelves are no longer stacked with registers. Plus, the sheets are fully customizable, so we get just as much flexibility as with docs.
Vijaya Medical Centre
Being a multispeciality clinic managing staff and employees was our biggest hurdle. But Lio made the task way easier than first thought thanks to its multiple registers, which allow us to have all the data in a single space and share it with other members in seconds.
Dr. Monga Clinic


Most frequent questions and answers

Lio is free for everyone. Just use your email or your phone number to register. Verify the email or phone number with the OTP, and all our registers are available to you absolutely free.

To change language, click on the Profile option in the menu at the bottom when you open the app. You’ll see the Change Language option. Hit the language you want and you are good to go.

Just enter the date, the item you spent on, amount, payment mode, etc., and the app will automatically do the calculations for you. You can also add and remove rows/columns if needed.

To add a column, just side scroll to the end. There you’ll see a + sign. Press on it, and a column will be added. You can rename it to suit your needs.
To remove a column, move to the column’s header, right-click, and you’ll see the Delete Column option.

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