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From your customer details to expenses and income, even lawyers need help to manage the books and customer relations, and Lio aims to provide you with just that via its pre-built templates.

How Lio Helps Advocates in India

Centralized Space for Easy Expense/income tracking

Rather than jumping from app to app to track hearings, expenses, etc., Lio gives you a centralized space where you can store not just dates and expenses but also details of your customers. Oh, and you can access the data anytime, anywhere as well.

Other Lio benefits You Must Know About


Start in Less Than 30 Seconds.

Just download Lio on your android smartphone, verify your email or mobile number using the OTP and you’ll have instant access to all the registers on Lio.


You Never Lose Your Data

Since your data is stored on cloud servers, all you have to do is log in via any android smartphone and you’ll have access to all existing sheets


Won't Cost You a Rupee

Yes, unlike most apps, Lio does not charge you a rupee. You get access to everything and don’t need to upgrade anything either.

Become a More Efficient Laywer With Lio!

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