Lio for Households

Track, Manage, Organize Better With Lio

From tracking groceries, managing expenses, udhaars, and incomes, to the kid’s vaccination and health history of your pet, Lio’s goal is to help bring order to the chaos and make your house a home.

Never Miss on Vaccination Due Dates

As they say, health is wealth, especially when it comes to your kids and pets, right. Whether it is a vaccination for them or anyone else in the family, Lio ensures you never miss your due dates. 
Furthermore, we know you care about your pet just as you would for your kids. This is why Lio has a dedicated register to track their history for better treatment.

Easy Tracking of Groceries

Is checking, writing down, and getting groceries just your responsibility?
Well, with Lio, anyone and everyone can track and get groceries while sharing your burden.

Share the grocery register with family members so that everybody can update the list and knows exactly what to get rather than calling you.

Manage Expenses and Income Better

To save money for that dream house or car, you need to closely track expenses, udhaars, and incomes. Lio makes this easy with dedicated registers for it. 
And since all that data is stored on cloud servers, you can retrieve it anytime on a new device, making it possible to track data from even 1-2 years back.

Other Lio Features You'll Love

Start In Less than 30 Seconds

Enter your email or phone number, verify the account using the OTP, and voila, you'll have complete access to all Lio features without paying a rupee.

Share Sheets Easily

You can share grocery lists, travel expenses, things to do around the house, etc., with your family members in seconds via WhatsApp or add them to the sheets using their number/email.

Choose Any Language

Not comfortable with English? We got you. Lio is available in Hindi and other local languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, so you can pick what you and your family are most comfortable with.

Customers Reviews

"Managing expenses is one of the toughest things at home, especially since none of us end up noting it down in the books. Lio being available on the phone means we can all do it anytime, anywhere, which eases the process. In fact, my son now uses it to track his college expenses as well".
Arjun Mehta
"Taking stock of groceries and getting it was all on my shoulders. But not anymore. With Lio, I simply update the list and share it with my family members so anyone going out can grab the important groceries and can also note down the expenses".
Namita Talwar

A Glimpse of What Lio Offers For Households

grocery List
Household Vaccine
Household Tenant Register
Household Petrol Expenses
Household Pet
Household Expenses

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