Lio For Restaurants/Hotels

Restaurant Management Made Easy

Keep account of every rupee that comes in and goes out of your restaurant or hotel. Plus, track employee timings, and have all customer details in one place, making access and tracking hassle-free.

Who Can Use Lio?

You could be a small cafe, someone selling juice, chaat papdi, or momos on the streets; Lio is for you.
The app also comes in handy for big restaurants or hotel chains that want a centralized space to store important and sensitive details about their finances and customers. 
We’ll talk more about how Lio can help restaurants and hotels below.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

All hotels and restaurants have all sorts of transactions for income and expenses. Then there are udhaars, and relying on notebooks or sheets can be time-consuming. Lio eases the process with automatic calculations, and you can access all the info anytime from anywhere.

Scale Your Restaurant Business

Since you can manage finances and customer details and even track employee working hours from a centralized space, it is easy to ensure other branches’ smooth operation without being present there, day in and day out.

Helps With CRM and Employee Tracking

Waiters, cashiers, a restaurant needs a lot of staff, and tracking their working hours, holidays, etc., can be challenging. Well, not anymore, thanks to the Time Tracking Register. There’s also a Customer Details register that makes reaching out to existing customers and informing them about deals/promotions with personalized messages hassle-free.

Start in 15 Seconds

Creating an account on Lio is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. You can do it either with your email or phone number.

Share Files With Ease

Share files with your team and delegate tasks with ease. You can share PDFs or Excel files via WhatsApp. You can also add them to the sheets using their email and phone number.

Use in 10+ Languages

Available in 10+ languages, Lio gives you the freedom to work in any language you and your team are comfortable with making it easier to delegate tasks. The languages range from Hindi, English, Malayalam to Urdu, Bangla, Tamil, etc.

Start your restaurant or hotel with Lio!

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“Lio Makes Management So Easy”

Having multiple branches of Cafe Azure made tracking expenses, income, employee times pretty hard as I couldn't be in two places at once. But thanks to Lio, I didn't have to be. The team at both branches uploaded the data, and I could easily view it from anywhere I wanted.
Varun Kumar
Manager At Cafe Azure

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