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From helping you track the calories you eat to helping you set your daily workout routine and even ensuring your pet is healthy and hearty, Lio is exactly the helping hand you need to for a healthy future.

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How Lio Can Help You And Your Family Stay Fit

Tracking Your Diet and Workouts Easily

Your body is 75% what you eat, and thus it is super essential you eat healthily, which is only possible with proper planning. 
The Diet Plan register allows you to plan ahead of time your lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks, etc., so you never go off-track.

Never Miss A Vaccine Date

One of the simplest ways to avoid being sick with dangerous diseases like the Covid-19 is to get vaccinated.
With its special vaccine register, Lio ensures you never miss a due date for any vaccine (whether yours, the kid’s, or your pet).

Pet Care Made Easy

Our pets are equal members of the family. Them falling ill can bring the entire household to a standstill. 
We understand that, which is why we have an entire register dedicated to their healthcare.
You can keep a track record of the medicines, the diagnoses, details about the vets, etc., to ensure they get the best possible care quickly.


Other Reasons Users Love Lio So Much

Start In a Flash

It takes less than 15 seconds to get started. All you have to do is enter your email or phone number, verify the account, and voila, you can now use any register you want on the app.


Share Files Instantly

Want to share your diet plan or your workout plan with your friend or brother/sister? Do it instantly on WhatsApp. You can also add them to the sheet using their email or phone number.


Never Lose Your Data

All the data you enter is saved on a cloud server. This ensures that even if you lose your phone your data is secure. Just log in using the same details and everything will be available just like before.


Customers reviews

Lio is like my workout calendar. I note down the workouts for each day and the rest days for the entire month and can access it anywhere with ease, even without the internet, thus ensuring I never miss my sessions even when traveling.
Raman Srivastava
I knew meal planning was important for a healthy diet but never got around to creating it. I didn't want to have multiple fitness apps. But with Lio, that wasn't an issue. It helped me track my workouts, diet, and other health-related stuff, all in one place.
Ankit Rathore
I love the fact that Lio has a special register for pets. It is so easy to track the medicine my dog takes, the injection he has gotten, the doctors who have seen him before, etc. thus ensuring quick diagnoses of his problem and better treatment.
Parika Chauhan

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