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From helping you track expenses, incomes, udhaars, to even pet health, vehicle maintenance, working hours, and more, Lio is the all-in-one app to help you track, manage, organize your farms better and get the best possible yield.

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Who Can Use Lio?

The name says it all. The category of the app is designed specifically for farmers. 

What you cultivate is irrelevant. It’s for anyone in the farming industry.

But how does Lio really help? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss below. So let’s jump straight to it.

Track Kaastkar's Work Records in Multiple Ways

Some of you might prefer to record tenant work history as per Bigha, while some prefer to save it as per time. Lio gives you the flexibility to do it based on your preferences. The template already has the required columns, and you just have to make the entries.

Vehicle Maintenance And Pet Health

Your tractors and your cattle, sheep, dogs, etc., are the backbone of your farm. So can you really afford them to fall ill or your tractors to break down in the middle? We guess not. This is why we have registers for you to track your vehicle maintenance date, pet vaccines, medicines, health history, etc.

Easily Manage Expenses and Incomes

You want your farm to be profitable. For that, you need to track your expenses and income to the tee. Lio has multiple registers that automatically calculate your costs, payments, and udhaars, so you know exactly what needs changes and what is owed.

Improve Your Farm With Lio!

Farmer Time Tracker
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Farmer reviews

With Lio, I can spend more time improving my yield. That's because it has made managing expenses and income so easy. I am also able to track time so much better. To top it all, it is available in Hindi.
Rana Pratap
I never thought managing a farm could be so simple. Thanks a ton, Lio. I never use apps, but Lio was available in Hindi, making it easy to get started. Plus, it does all calculations automatically.
Parminder Singh
Maintaining registers and books is difficult. It takes up so much time, and I can't carry it everywhere with me. But with Lio, I can access my timesheets, expenses, etc., anytime, anywhere, and it is super easy to use as well.
Ajit Kumar

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