Lio For Apartments​

Maintaining Society Accounts Made Hassle-Free

Lio gives all societies a centralized and secure space from tenant details and member details to maintain society expenses and maintenance while eliminating the need for books and registers.

Who is Lio For?

Lio is for any and every society with tenants and owners in India. 
If you still rely on registers and notebooks to maintain tenant/owner details, maintenance records, expenses, etc., you are in grave trouble.
Switching to Lio does not just solve that issue, but there are plenty of other benefits that make the entire management process simple.
What are these benefits? Well, let’s find out.

Benefits of Lio To Apartments

Forget Notebooks and Registers

The last thing you want is to lose the register or notebook with all the track records of the maintenance paid. And with Lio, as all the data is stored on cloud servers, it protects the data from any physical damage.

One App For Everything

Not just maintenance, Lio also helps you track tenant and owner records, expenses, field worker details, member details, cash transactions, etc., making it the one-stop bookkeeping app for societies.

Share Files In Seconds

You can keep members and tenants/owners up to date with all the expenses and maintenance by creating and sharing specific sheets for each house. This eliminates confusion and ensures smooth functioning.

Start In Less Than 30 Seconds

You can get started with Lio in less than 30-second using your email or phone number. Just verify it, select the apartment category and you are good to go.

Language is No Barrier For Lio users

All society members and residents can pick the language they want to use the app in, making it comfortable for everyone to keep track of anything and use it to the fullest.

You Don't Need to Pay a Rupee

While most other apps might ask you to pay a subscription fee or need some payment for better features, all the registers on Lio are available for free.

Manage Your Apartment Better With Lio!

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Society Maintenance
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Cash Register

Read What Some Apartments Have to Say About Lio

Managing the society maintenance and other payments was such a tedious task with registers and notebooks filling up the office. We want to go online but avoid having a bunch of docs. And that's exactly what Lio helped us do. And the best part is that you can access it anywhere even without the internet.

We had separate registers for tenant and owner details, the payments received, due, etc. This made management tiresome. We decided to give Lio a try for a month and don't think we can ever go back to our old ways. It makes stuff just so easy. Trust me, you won't want to either.

Download Lio today to organize &
manage your Apartments better.