Lio TEAMS – Everything You Need To Know About It

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With all the many useful features that Lio has brought to you to make your work and life much more convenient, Lio brings you another new feature that would make working with a team or multiple people far easier.

What Is TEAM

TEAM – the new feature on the Lio app is a useful and much-required feature that will make your job easy of working with multiple people on a file.

This new feature allows the users to create a team and share their files quickly with them. It’s as simple as creating a WhatsApp group. 

Users can now create teams like finance, marketing, operation etc and share a file to all the members in one go without choosing everyone individually. This makes the job hassle-free and free of any errors. 

When To Use It

If you are someone who is working with multiple people on a project or assignment or have a team under you,

TEAM feature is definitely the one that will be very useful to you. 

If you have your team or people working with you at different locations, this feature makes it easier for you to share the file instantly and work on it together. You do not need to be in the same place or present in the same office for this. 

In these digital times, TEAMS helps you stay connected and in touch with all your colleagues and work without any restrictions and problems. 

Starting TEAMS on Lio

Now, let’s look at how to start TEAM on the Lio app.

Step 1:

Creating TEAMS on the Lio app is simple. To begin with login to your profile on the app. 

Step 2:

On the top right you will see a blue button with TEAMS written on it. Press it. 

Step 3:

On the next white screen, you will see a long blue button with “Create New Team” written on it at the bottom. Click on the button. 

Step 4:

In the next step, you have to select the people you want the sheet to be shared with from your contacts. Add as many people as you want in your TEAM. 

Once selected, click on the “NEXT” button that you can see at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: 

It’s time to give a name to the TEAM that you have just created. Suiting yourself, give a name. You can also assign a colour to this team that you have created.

Each time you create a team and give a name, you can also assign a different colour to each one of them.

Once you have done this step, press DONE at the bottom.

Step 6:

And voila! You have created a TEAM.

Now you can see the team created and the members who are a part of it. Based on your needs and requirements, you can also change and give different permissions for different people who are a part of the team. 

In front of each team member, you will see an option to change their permission. 

We give various options that you can choose from and they are:


Make someone other than yourself the admin of the group, who will also have the access to change permissions.

Can Edit

For anyone who needs to work on the sheet and make changes.

Entry Only

Anyone who has been given this permission will be able to see a google form like form with questions based on excel.

The form will ask the questions one requires for the data of the excel and he/she will just give answers to those questions and the data would be added.

This person would not be allowed to edit or see anything else on the sheet.

Can View

People with this permission can just view the file and do not have the right to change anything.

The creator of the TEAM can also add or remove team members.

Upon making all the changes and permissions, click on “CHANGE PERMISSION’ which is at the bottom. If you do not wish to make any change, click on “CLOSE”. 

The permission can be changed for each individual at any point in time.

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