Want To Automate Your Instagram Store?
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Want To Automate Your Instagram Store?

Get the Training, Tools and Support you need to automate the Instagram store you’ve always wanted. Fill in your contact details here.

Price INR 1999 FREE TILL 31st MAY

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What Problems Do Instagram Store Owners Face?

Poor Customer Record Management

The constant struggle with maintaining customer records and updating data from time to time.

Lack of Controls

No track over the day to day tasks, employees, orders and customers and eventually losing control over the business.

Neglected Inventory and Pricing/Offer Data

Faulty data management of product details, stock and pricing impacts ability to track business.

Wasted Time

Team members juggling repetitive, tedious tasks causes errors and reconciliation nightmares.

What We Will Cover In This Webinar

Get the right support, knowledge, tips and tricks to make your business automated and climb the ladder of success.

Automating Order Management and Fulfilment

Track all orders and which ones need to be delivered.

Automating Inventory Management

Save time and money and manage, monitor and move your inventory across multiple locations.

Automating Shipping and Delivery

Keep a tab of all products that need to be shipped, and delivery.

Automating Returns and Refunds

Manage all returns, refunds and exchanges easily without having to do a lot.

Start Your Business With Us Today

Explore all the Tools and Services you need to Start, Run and Grow your Business.

Price INR 1999 FREE TILL 31st May

Limited Seats Only!!

Having an Automated Instagram Store Means


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Price INR 1999 FREE

Limited Seats Only!!


Does this webinar help with automating the business process?

This webinar will tell you secrets that successful Instagram store owners know. How to automate your key business processes in a cost effective and easy manner.

Is the webinar free?

The webinar is priced at Rs.2,000. Depending on when you sign up, you can avail the discounted offer.

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar is for anyone who owns a business and wants to have a smooth process in running it. If you are someone who is constantly struggling to market their brand, get new clients, manage employees and work, then this webinar is for you. It will help you with all this and much more so that you have a business that does not depend on you and gives consistent results even in your absence.

Why does one need to automate their business?

Automation can minimize your repetitive and tedious tasks. It can speed up all the processes in the business which would give your employees time to focus on the more important things and will give you the time to work on the growth and success of your business.