Never Lose Track Of Your Income Again

If your income comes from multiple shops, you can’t rely on notebooks, hundreds of excel sheets, and docs to track it. You need a centralized system, and Lio’s Income Register gives you just that.



Automatic Calculations

Enter the date, source of your income, and amount. Once added, the register automatically calculates all the income, making the process easy and less time-consuming.

Language is no Barrier

Not everyone is comfortable with English, and we understand that. Hence, the Lio app is available in 10+ languages ranging from Hindi, Bangla, and Malayalam.

Fully Customizable

Change the background color, edit the font style, or add/remove columns, rows. You can customize the sheets anyhow you want them to be.

Never Lose Your Data

Lost your phone? Just download Lio on your new phone, log in using the same email or phone number, and all your registers will be there just like before.

Lio's Income Register for Shopkeepers

Frequently asked questions

To customize any column in the income register, just select the column, click on the pen icon in the menu and you’ll have all the formatting options you need.

Once you log in to the app, click on the Profile option you see at the bottom right corner of the window. Click ‘Change Language,’ select the language you want and you are good to go.

To disable the quick entry mode, click on Cancel or Save (in case you entered some data) in the Quick Entry Mode Window. Once you are on the main sheet, hit the three-dot icon in the top menu, and you’ll see the ‘Disable Quick Entry Mode’ option.

Having trouble customizing the Income register? Our team is available 24*7 to help you.  Just shoot them a message on WhatsApp using the number  +919619601744. They are available on email as well



"I have two stores in Kerala and tracking income from each store is such a pain. I was introduced to Lio by a friend; it has smoothened the process. Now I have access to income from both my stores at one place."
Jacob Abraham
A 2 Z Kerala Store
"I run two automobile stores in Delhi. Earlier, I visited both shops multiple times a week to ensure all books were maintained properly. But with Lio, I can track them from anywhere and everywhere, which saves so much time and effort."
Delhi Auto Spares
"Since I sell cakes, cupcakes, bakery equipment, etc., tracking income for the various items was hard. But Lio makes it really easy, and I can even track what items sell the most and focus more on them."
Cakes and Bakes
"I started with the income register but was soon using the other registers as well simply because the app is so easy to use. It's also available in multiple languages, and with Lio, I can give tasks to other employees as well."
The Body Shop

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