Tracking Expenses Made Easier

Rent, Salaries, Items Purchased, Water and Electricity bills paid, etc. Now track all your expenses from a centralized place so you know exactly where you can save and make your shop more profitable.



Fully Customizable​

From the background color, text style to column width and height, you have all the power to customize the sheet based on your preferences.​

Easy Tracking​

Even if you lose your mobile or it broke down, you'll still have every record. Download the app, log in and it will all be there.​

Sharing Sheets Made Easy

Give yourself time for the important stuff and delegate expense entry tasks to employees by sharing access via their mobile or email. And since it's accessible from anywhere, keeping track is easy for you.

Get Started in 30 Secoinds

Start in less than 30 seconds. Just enter your mobile number, select the Shop option and you'll have templates tailor-made for you.

Frequently asked questions

It’s all Free. Yes, just download the Lio App from your Google PlayStore. Sign up using your email or phone number. Select the Shopkeeper option from all the categories and you get access to all registers without paying a rupee.

Select the column that you want to edit. Then hit the Pen icon in the menu. Choose the second last option, the Column Width option, and adjust the slider to change the width.

To share sheets, click on the Share button on the top menu next to the + symbol. You can add people either using their email or mobile. You also have the option of sharing it directly on WhatsApp as a PDF or Excel Sheet.

For queries related to any registers, you can contact our 24*7 customer support via WhatsApp at +919619601744. You can also email us at or fill-up the form on our contact page.



"Lio makes managing expenses and income a breeze. I no longer depend on notebooks and registers for it and have access to my expenses, income, etc. 24*7 from anywhere."
Pernia's Pop-Up Shop
"Thanks to Lio we have been able to scale up our business and open multiple stores across Bengaluru. It makes managing the accounts so easy with its various registers. The data is safe from any kind of damage, sharing is easy, and accessible to everyone, anytime.
The Bombay Store
"With cycles coming and going out daily along with income and expenses from cycle parts, keeping track was a pain. But Lio gives a centralized space for all the accounts and saves me 20-25 hours a week by doing all the heavy lifting. For any shopkeepers, this app is a no-brainer.
Karan Cycle Stores
"Since Lio takes care of all the complex calculations when it comes to udhaars, income, expenses, etc. I can easily delegate the tasks to my employees and oversee other important aspects of my salon to ensure customers have the best experience.
Just Your Style salon

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