Managing Cash Just Got Easier

Ever happened that you lost track of the cash coming in and going out? Does noting down each transaction and doing calculations seems too hectic? No problem. With Lio’s Cash Register, it will be a breeze.



It's Automated

Enter the Cash In and Cash Out numbers and the Lio's register will automatically do the calculations and tell you the remaining balance.

For anyone, everyone

Not good with English or Hindi? Lio is available in 10+ languages, so using the app is easy irrespective of where you are from.

Share Sheets in seconds

Want to share a sheet with your partner or storekeeper? Assign the tasks by adding them to the sheet using email or phone numbers. You can even share it on WhatsApp in seconds.

Get Started in 30s or Less

Use your Gmail or Phone number, and you get started with the cash register in less than 30 seconds.

Frequently asked questions

The Cash Register records your cash in and cash out transactions and automatically calculates the balance for you. To manage your expenses, you should try out the Expense Register.

Not just the cash register, anything and everything on Lio is free. All you need to do is download it from the Play Store, use your phone number or Gmail to log in and you can use any register you want.

Sharing the cash register with anyone is easy. Hit the + button in the top menu and you’ll have the option to share it either as a PDF or Excel Sheet on WhatsApp. You can also add your storekeeper to the cash register using his/her email or phone number.

No problem, the Lio support team is at your service 24*7. You can connect with them via WhatsApp using the number +919619601744. Feel free to shoot us an email as well on There’s the contact form as well on our website.



"Cash transactions are a daily routine for any shop and thus keeping track is tough. Thankfully, I found Lio which does all the calculations for me and is super easy to maintain as compared to physical books"
New Durga General Stores
"I don't just use their cash register but also the income register, the udhaar register, and so on. With these I have all my business transactions in one place rather than on paper or multiple apps. which makes accessing it easy."
Mansi Guleria
"Lio was recommended by a friend and has been a game-changer. I am longer surrounded by books and registers and have access to my cash transactions anytime, anywhere"
Sheeba Store
"Automobile shops see cash transaction is huge numbers. You simply cannot rely on writing it down or have 3-4 apps to maintain your registers. With Lio, I can have everything in one place and ease the process saving me time to do what I do best, keep your cars on the road."
H T M Automobiles

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