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How to Start an Atta Business in India – 3 Easy Steps


Small businesses have been thriving off of this economy, and they might be coming for the corporational dominance! In this article, we discuss a small business idea of how to start an atta business as well as other technicalities. Smaller businesses are the engine that propels the economy forward. Despite the fact that megacorporations and chains receive a lot more attention and are accorded some...

Easy Guide On How to Start a Tailor Shop of your own

start a tailor shop

Want to know how to start a tailor shop of your own? Read along with this beginner’s guide to run this business smoothly and know all the nitty-gritty.  Are you a fashion designer or someone who is who loves to make clothes? Have you been making your own clothes or your family and friends forever? Then why not start your own business? Download Lio Every day there are thousands of people who...

Best Business Ideas In Kashmir for 2022

Best Business Ideas For People In Kashmir

Are you a resident of Kashmir or someone is looking for business ideas in Kashmir? If so, then we bring you some of the best ideas that you would love to start in this part of the nation. Download Lio A businessman is always looking for a good return on his business, but before that one needs to know the business strategy, which should be used as a business model, how to invest properly, how to...


Business Ideas in Kolkata

Are you settled in Kolkata or are looking for business Ideas in Kolkata that you can start? If yes, then search no more as we bring you all the details. Kolkata has been a hub of trading and a financial gateway for a very long time. It was an import trade center even during the time of the British raj. Download Lio Kolkata is still known as the commercial and financial capital of eastern India...

All about Debit Notes and Credit Notes you should know about


Are you searching for an answer about the debit notes and credit notes? Well, you have landed on the right article because it is full of some important pieces of information about the same. Debit and credit notes are both official documents of accounting that are used by businesses but for different purposes. They are similar to invoices but are not invoices as it lets the buyer know about the...

16 Best Business Ideas in Tamil nadu

Business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

Vannakam! If you are looking for the most popular business ideas in Tamil Nadu, then look no further as we bring you the list of all the businesses that you can choose to start your own in this part of the country. Download Lio Ask anyone what their dream job is and most of them would reply by saying that they would want to start a business of their own. It is a good feeling to have something of...