Taxi and Transport Template – Details and How to Use It


Are you an owner or driver of a taxi or any other more oversized transports? Do you often struggle with keeping track of the cash transactions, maintenance dates, trips, customer details, etc.? We are here with Taxi and Transport templates offered by Lio for easy access. This is a big task that includes all this and much more. There are so many things to keep in mind, to track and maintain a...

Expense Report Template: For Both Personal and Professional Use

Expense Report Template

Start tracking your daily expenses with this expense report template to enjoy an array of benefits. Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy in both your personal and professional lives. Let’s begin this post with stories of two friends, emphasizing what happens when people don’t track expenses. Meet Dinesh. He is 28 years old and works as a consultant in a large company. Like...

Why and How to Use a Profit and Loss Template to Track Business Performance?


Profit and Loss Template: What is it and how to use one to track business performance? In business, almost all major decisions are greatly influenced by one element – Finance. Besides, how else can a business plan for an expansion? How will they know if there was a return on investment or the business is now running on profit? Now imagine a scenario – a business goes ahead with an expansion...

Insurance Agents Template: This Is How Insurance Agents Can Use Lio


Are you an Insurance agent who is usually struggling with maintaining all the information together? The insurance Agents Template’s from Lio will help you with all you need. It gets very tricky to keep a track of all the information in one place at all times. It might happen that you forget to carry an important document when you need it or an important piece of information. But, with Lio...

Manage your expenses with Lio Personal Budget Template

Lio Personal budget template

A personal budget template is an unavoidable component in the arsenal of anyone trying to achieve a financial goal.  A budget restricts one from making unnecessary purchases. Also, it makes sure that they keep aside a certain amount of money for other essential purposes like investments or an emergency fund.  Controlling expenses is more manageable when people know that they only have a...