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This is How to Make an Attendance Sheet In Excel


Looking to make an attendance sheet in excel for your employees or students? Here is some useful information. Having an attendance tracking system is beneficial for businesses. Not just that, even schools can use it. So if you are looking to create an attendance sheet with excel, we get it. If you are looking for more easier and more accessible tool for making attendance sheet then you should...

Know All About Microsoft Excel for Mobile


Microsoft excel for mobile will allow you to create, view, and edit spreadsheets right on your smartphone. You can easily review the Excel sheets and analyze the data and so on attached in mails on your smartphone with ease. Download Lio Microsoft Excel for mobile has made life easier by allowing people to view, edit and create spreadsheets on their smartphones as well. When the work shifted...

How to start a hardware shop in India – A Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know to Start a Hardware Store In India

Wondering how to start a hardware shop but not knowing where to begin? We got you! If you have the skills and drive to operate a hardware business, there is no need to get discouraged by the cut-throat competition. Download Lio Quickly skim through the steps given below to know to start your shop and stay afloat amidst the giants of the industry. steps for starting a hardware shop opening your...

How To Register A Company In India?


New business owners in India will eventually ask themselves this question – how to register a company in India? Registering the company is an important legal requirement without which everything else they do will be deemed illegal. Download Lio This article is meant to be a guide for new entrepreneurs to register their companies in India. The registration process varies depending on the...