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How to start a hardware shop in India – A Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know to Start a Hardware Store In India

Wondering how to start a hardware shop but not knowing where to begin? We got you! If you have the skills and drive to operate a hardware business, there is no need to get discouraged by the cut-throat competition. Download Lio Quickly skim through the steps given below to know to start your shop and stay afloat amidst the giants of the industry. Table of ContentSteps for starting a hardware...

Top 12 Business Ideas in Assam You Must See before Starting

Business Ideas in Assam

Nomoskar! Looking for business ideas in Assam? We bring you a list of some of the top ideas that you can choose from to start your own venture. Assam is the commercial hub of the northeast region and is also the largest economy of this region. Download Lio This diverse state flourishes in limestone, tea, coal, petrol, handloom, food processing, personal care, and much more. Table of ContentSteps...

Top Excel Formulas That You Should Know

Top Excel Formulas That You Should Know

Don’t know anything about formulas in Microsoft? Know about the top and most used excel formulas to make your work easier. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used programs by all businesses. It makes working with data easier with its many fabulous functions. By working on this program, you can get insights and generate reports to understand the data and the business.  Download Lio There are...

Excel Shortcut Keys That Make Your Work Easier

Excel Shortcut Keys

Read about the top excel shortcut keys that will make your work very easy and absolutely hassle-free in no time. Microsoft is used extensively throughout the world and helps many in handling their data and getting great insights and reports. Big as well as small companies make use of this program to manage their data and run successfully.  Microsoft Excel offers several amazing features that...

16+ Small Village Business Ideas in Karnataka With Low Investment


Now is your chance if you are looking for innovative Business Ideas in Karnataka.  Karnataka is one of India’s most successful technological hubs in trading and investment. If you want to witness success as an entrepreneur after investing in a business, Karnataka, with its vast opportunities, can provide you with many options. Business opportunities in heavy machinery, auto, electronics, and...

How To Unprotect Excel Sheet


How to unprotect excel sheet? Let us learn in this article how you can do this while working in simple ways. Microsoft Excel offers some of the best features make all users’ work easy and simple. It enables us to perform simple activities such as how to wrap text in excel to more intricate jobs such as concatenating in excel. One such brilliant feature is the ability to protect and...