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How to Start And Automate Your Bakery Business in just 6 Months

27st Aug 2022

12:00 PM

In this online workshop, we'll give you a step-by-step guide to starting a successful bakery business in India even if you've never baked a cake or owned a business before. From learning how to bake some delicious treats that bring in repeat customers to learning and navigating how to set up a bakery business at home, having a physical bakery, running a cloud kitchen and automating the processes to run the business smoothly.

Yes, I want to Learn How to bake and Run A Successful Automated Bakery Business In India!

Topics Covered

What we will Cover?

Here's everything that you'll learn in this upcoming workshop.

3 Types of Bakery Business and How to Pick the Perfect one for you!

We'll teach you the three types of bakeries for different startup budget and markets and what type of bakery would be perfect for your personal skill and business goals.

How to Build a Brand in your Market.

Baking great products is one of the best way to build a loyal brand following for your bakery. You'll Learn exactly how to get the skills you need to build a successful bakery brand in your market.

How to Get your first 100 customers and automate your business

Learn the tips and tricks to get your first 100 orders and the exact tools to automate your business so that you can focus on the important things.

About the Host

Chef Ayushi Jain

Chef Ayushi is the executive head chef at Truffle Nation Baking academy and has years of experience with helping people just like you master the art of baking and become professional bakery chefs.

10+ Years Experience

Head Executive Cehf

4 Years Leading Truffle Nation

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About the Host

Ashutosh Bhatt

Ashutosh is the Marketing head at Lio who has worked with several small businesses and helped them scale and get more eyes on their brand.

6+ Years Experience

Head Marketing in Lio

Worked With 100+ Small Businesses


What we will cover in the Workshop?

How to Start your Bakery?

Learn from Trufflenation and their student's success stories on how to start a bakery business.

Why 70% of Bakeries Don't Grow

Know the reason behind why most bakeries don’t grow and learn from it to make your bakery successful.

Powerful Tips to Fast Track Growth

Know the 3 key tips to grow your bakery business and how to get it to fast track by using them.

Align Your Bakery Goals With Automation

Know and pick different point solutions to achieve specific features and functions to attain your main goal for your bakery.

Benefits & Savings Of Baking And Automation

Get in-depth knowledge about baking and the many benefits of running your automated business as well as growing your savings.

Getting Started - The Toughest Step

Getting started might be the toughest step but it would be easy with this fantastic webinar that takes you through each step of starting as a baker and new business owner.


What Workshop Attendees Say?

Rachna Sethi
Banglore, India

"If you're interested in starting a bakery business and don't know where to start, this webinar will be very helpful. The presenters covered everything from the legal requirements to marketing tips."

radhika singh
Radhika Singh
Bhopal, India

"I have a bakery in one of the busiest areas in Bhopal. My Bakery has everything from Cookies to Cakes and everything in between. I had a few employees working for me at the shop but it became difficult for me to manage everything. I came across the webinar by Lio and fully automated my business and now I have nothing to worry about. Everything is going smooth and my business is flourishing."


"I have been running my bakery for almost 6 years now and I have always felt like there is a certain amount of overhead that was slowing me down. With this webinar, I have learned so many different ways to cut those costs and make my bakery more profitable."

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