We started with the little big ideas

As American dancer, choreographer, and author Twyla Tharp opines, ‘Without the little ideas, there are no big ideas.’

For Lio it all began when Anurag & Anupam’s mother, a government teacher, was having difficulty capturing data in a project for the mid-day meal program. Seeing her struggle with the spreadsheet products, they first tried to help by exploring alternatives till it struck them that there wasn’t one that was designed for the mobile.

What if there was an app on your mobile that enabled you to collate all data in one spot on your phone and yet isn’t complicated? This small idea led to the creation of Lio, a practical, reliable and appropriate mobile app that enables you to manage your data smartly. Literally, Lio stands for Life in Order and that is the essence of our very existence.

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We make people & processes smarter

In today’s complicated and fast-paced world, simple solutions to all problems are the key to efficiency. Hence, we at Lio believe that technology is to empower not intimidate. With changing times, it is important to be inclusive of the fringe players, encompassing the peripherals who aspire to belong to the mainstream.

We believe that people deserve options to augment the quality of business and thus we offer easy solutions that elevate and uplift their lives.

We make businesses smart and savvy by enabling new processes.

We give them the courage to visualize purposefully and to transform their performance abundantly.

This powerful and personalized app transforms users into passionate, energetic, and focussed players – we let people become their best version.

We enable them to be winners in their chosen fields, to be the best.

We make data accessible at their fingertips as and when it is required with utmost simplicity.

We uncomplicate lives.

Our outreach impacts you, you & you

For people like small entrepreneurs and traders, to students, doctors, farmers and even housewives, besides many others, Lio strives to put all these people at ease when it comes to handling a large quantum of data. We speak the language of people, we keep all data safe and handy, are technologically sound and above all are accessible in the palm of your hand, on your mobile, 24×7.

Even our very physicality, our logo starts with the dot, bindu or the unicell, which is the first unit of life. The dot represents a unit, an iota of information that when combined with other dots form our ecosystem and is the starting point of bringing our life in order. When we extend these dots, it transforms into lines which form rows and columns which further help us organize our lives.

Our identity embodies our vision, helps us stay true to our conception and is derived from a simple and basic unit of life to systematize everything.

We are here to bring a method to madness, to bring order in chaos, to restore normalcy in all aspects of life by taking care of your most valuable asset, business data.

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